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I only just completed what is commonly and far too often reputed for its excellence the love language quiz. Now granted, I love horoscopes, or at least did,

I only just completed what is commonly and far too often reputed for its excellence the love language quiz.

Now granted, I love horoscopes, or at least did,

I mean when I was in highs cool this kind of macabre thinking was existential and far beyond my factor of coolness Which I could never have produced naturally.

I mean like I studied it and read about it and regurgitated it, to some level of success. Once again the success rate was only marginally better than had I never learned what a Virgo was.

I might well have had better ROI using the buffet approach and sat on the decent and risk free studying to be a financial wizard approach.

I am sad to report that the long studious hours dedicated to an archaic and irrational system for understanding me and others did not pay,

well not any dividends and of course the stock has crashed.

This new love potion/psychology based approach seems very attractive. I mean I love being simply reduced to a score based on thirty Ill defined questions.

And escpecially dislike how it has influenced people's decision making process. I mean certainly the creditials of an anecdotal marriage councillor should give this inventor some credibility.

However with credulous pessimism you begin to realize that not unlike the snake oil salesman of the 1860's and the bond brokers of the 80's this is yet again

another money making enterprise preying on the populace who are in a Fibonacci sequence of less refined individual thought or at the very least thinking for themselves,


And why not right. In a world whereby definition of us is what we exhibit and our exhibition thus is little more than a show we put on. So why not have 5 acts.

Why not distill every human and delicate emotion to a broader more reachable definition where followers may have some limited and I mean also unsophivasted understanding of us.

What happened to thinking of oneself amongst others response especially in a relationships. Where the two must coincide to be cohesive and successful.

Really communication can't be broken down to five allegorical quantities and manage to bring happiness to 8 billion people.

If we all took the test there would be a likely hood that several hundred thousand of us would be closely linked if not identically. Is being the same as another valued in some way.

I don't disagree that we have trouble in This day and age identifying our partners wants and needs.

However this rudimentary stars aligned bullshit will only provide a skewed if even remotely plausible depiction of our better halves and ourselves.

Let's learn to ask these questions of our parters. Let's try to understand our own needs and wants. Doing this work will dramatically help our communications.

To be loved and to love takes a ton of real effort and not one relationship will be the same as the next.

So take from these five categories and think for yourself as you do not respresent the percentage assigned to you in this test. Well at least not entirely and not forever.

Take the test day after day and see where you are at the end of a month.

Maybe you'll notice a pattern of choice and also maybe the reflection on each question may become so laborious that you be come more meticulous and calculated in you answering of them.

I suppose just remember to take a good non judgemental and unbiased looks at yourself and your effectiveness in the relationship you're in.

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