The Boy
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The Boy

I want you to meet this little boy.

His name is Justin.

Justin lost his parents in car wreck when he was 10.

His grandma died of cancer when he was 14.

He was sent back and forth from foster care.

Justin's depression started after a while of being there.

He wanted to commit suicide on the daily.

Justin went out walking one day to the park.

He met a girl name Paige.

He fell in love with her instantly.

She was kind, sweet, everything a boy could ask for.

They started dating a month later.

Justin hasn't thought about suicide since the day they met.

Justin is now 21 and about to have his first set of twins.

Justin and Paige are gonna get married once their son and daughter are born.

I hope you have a good 2018! :) 03/29/18

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