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My teacher gave me an assignment to write a story about a school shooting, so here it is. I hope people like it.. Sorry if it triggers anyone, that is not my intention.

School Shooting

A baby was born on this day, June 1, 1975

They named him Noah, Noah Keg,

His childhood was pretty great,

He had a lot of friends,

A boyfriend,

Parents that loved him,

And a dog that loved him.

One day that all changed,

Noah got married to his high school sweetheart, Kane.

Noah and Kane adopted a little girl,

Her name was Dakota.

The cutest little girl born on, May 20, 2002

After a while things started to get bad in Noah's life,

Noah didn't have much contact with anybody ever since he moved states.

Years passed on and he didn't really talk to his friends anymore,

His parent lived in another state,

His dog passed on a couple of years ago.

Something really horrible happened..

He got news that a school shooting happened.

His heart had sunk,

He started asking the police if his husband and daughter was okay,

His daughter was in the hospital from getting shot in the shoulder,

And his husband got shot in the process of trying to save a classroom full of kids.

From that day on he could never forget the school shooting that almost killed his only daughter,

And that did kill his husband..

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