Your Eyes Belong To ME
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masonelijah Why don't you hear me?
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Desire becomes Obsession

Your Eyes Belong To ME

I was brought in tied down and crying

Filled with anger and so ever trying

Trying to rip away the emotions filled inside of me

I walked into the "Great Room" and I looked around to see

I searched for people like me, and then I saw you, looking at me

We connected with attraction and curiosity

But you underestimated my capability

Being capable of wrecking those who took your eyes away from looking at me

Filled with rage, jealousy, and furiosity

I watched you offer your eyes to him as he strummed that ugly guitar

And all I could think of, was I felt the urge to hit him with a crow bar

Smash the guitar right in front of you like a pringle

And grab the keys to the "Great Room" and let them jingle

Guide your eyes back to where they belong

Just us in the "Great Room" doing everything that could be deemed wrong

The fear in your eyes when I smashed that boy's guitar in front of you

Mixed with the desire in those eyes when you saw the rage and passion in me too

The emotions that were ripped from inside of me are now filled with your desire

And for now, that is all I require.

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