the one you think you know
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maskedvigilante I'm just a dork trying to write poetry.
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the realization that brought my world to its knees

the one you think you know

by maskedvigilante

you cannot speak for me.

you do not know me, not the real me anyway. to you, I am a mere projection of who I was.

I am ever-changing and will continue to be so.

I am not the little girl you had always wanted. now, I am nothing. or just something else.

this projection you force upon me is destructive. every time you shove words down my throat, I am deconstructed; everything I am is brought to pieces.

even though I know this projection isn’t me, I let your words tear me down. and it is scary that you don’t understand how heavy your words can be, how deep they can cut, how much they sting.

anytime I say something that threatens the ideals that you grew up in, I am treated like I’m incompetent on the matter. you bat me away with your hand.

it is time to open your eyes. the world is changing and I think you are unwilling to fully accept the changes.

your little girl isn’t little or a girl anymore. they are learning the hidden things about their world. they are finally realizing how destructive the people they’re close with can be.

their world is slowly crashing down around them. but they will not stand down. take note that they are strong.

I am outgrowing all of you. I am tired of your projections and expectations.

so leave me be. let me rest.

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