Sisters and swords |#1| part 1|
Sisters and swords |#1| part 1| thief stories

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Calista is a thief from the rancid, dirty, low cast town of Banditas. Her work as a thief is the only thing keeping her and her family from starving but when she takes it too far and steals something far more valuable than she thought..

Sisters and swords |#1| part 1|

The shimmering steel blade sung as Calista drew the weapon from its intricate designed sheath.

A mage's blade, one not fit for a lowly thief like herself.

Cal quickly and quietly shoved the sword into its expensive sheath and smushed it into her bag of trinkets.

Calista looked around again, the emperor's study was magnificent, she had to admit, many of the artifacts on display would make a fine prize in the Banditas market, in Banditas town

the town of the lowly wealths. Her home.

Suddenly Cal's sensitive ears picked up the sound of footsteps, the emperor's footsteps.

Silent as the talented thief she was, cal slipped through the door and shut it quickly and quietly, swiftly sliding around a bend in the hall and out of an adjacent window.

Just in time, the emperor and his guards walked pass, not noticing the golden, blond hair and striking blue eyes that looked up at him through the closed window.

Cal grinned and made lethally quick work of sliding from the windowsills and intricate latticework of the palace walls.

fast as a hare, dark as a shadow slipping through a hedge surrounding the building and leaped over the gates into the noble city around.

Cal gently touched the delicate yet strong sword, making sure it was still there as she snuck through alleys, making it to her families small cottage in Banditas town just before nightfall.

Calista's family's cottage was small and sturdy, consisting of white washed walls and black trim, the same as any other house in Banditas town.

The Inside of the house had the living room/kitchen to the right and a creaky staircase to the left which lead to one bathroom and two bedrooms above, one shared with Cal, her sister,

Artemisia and their sister Kartini.

The entrance way was where cal was standing now, staring at the shining blade, she somehow thought that she was meant to find-

"What in the rutting hell are you holding!?" Her fathers voice boomed from the door behind her.

Cal quickly turned around cursing herself for not noticing the obvious facts that her dad would be coming home at this hour.

"An artifact" Calista lied as she held up a small glass bottle she had stored in her pocket, the beautiful weapon already stuffed up her sleeve,

poking through the back of her already torn and ragged jacket.

"Hm" her father said, unbelieving.

Cal stared back with equal Intensity but their staring contest was interrupted by none other than Calista's older sister, Artemisia.

"You might as well be staring at a blank wall, father" Arte stated, her eyebrows raised.

Cal turned her glare to the shimmering snappy girl. "Go back to your stupid school, Arte, you don't belong here"

"Maybe I don't, but who would like to live in a rutting, dirty town like this" Arte spat back and continued

"You would definitely fit in considering your.. professions. Thrives and beggars like you would feel at home in this town of rancid muck"

Cal seethed her bright eyes flaring, "you wouldn't be eating without me! Look down all you want but it's you who will end up starving"

Arte rolled her eyes and stomped up the creaky stairs, flipping her dull brown hair over her shoulder.

Suddenly, Kartini, her younger sister rushed through the door, cals father long gone.

"What wrong?" Cal asked worried as Kartini panted and gasped clamping a sweat soaked hand on Calistas arm, "the- guards.. palace.

Sword" kartini gasped out, still panting from her sprint all the way from the noble town where she worked to Banditas. "They know" she repeated "the guards are coming for you."

Cal stopped breathing entirely.

Staring into her younger sisters striking dark brown eyes.

"Come to the back door, no one will hear us"

Calista frowned but listed to kartini as they rushed to to back of the house

"A maid saw a figure jump past a window, carrying a long shining object.. the maids I work with gossip.. "

"You need to leave, Calista, they know it's you"


Kartini's Ernest eyes looked into Cal's.

"Go! Take the sword with you, you don't have time to pack, the guards are only minutes behind me, go!"


"I will be fine, Cal"

"No, no there has to be a way-"

"Calista, look at me" her younger sister stared at Cal

"You have to leave, I will alert the family and I will find you, I will find you again"

Cal felt something warm dribble down her cheek

"I love you sister," she whispered and wrapped her arms around kartinis neck. Kartini hugged back but shoved away quickly

"Likewise sister, now go"

Calista took one step out the back door and looked back.

Her sister only nodded a sad smile playing on her lips

And cal started running as banging sounded on the front door.

Hope you enjoyed!! I’m so greatful you read all of this😂 Personally I like how this sort is going so I’ll probably keep it on Pls comment if you want me to keep writing pirates Angel or hunted and hunting!! Thank you all!!! -Lyra

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