Sisters and swords |#1| part 2|
Sisters and swords |#1| part 2| calista stories

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“Capture her!” The crowd yelled
Calista looked around and the angry civilians
And cursed as the mage’s gaze darkened in recognition
“You little bi-“
“Oops” Cal muttered and launched herself into a sprint.

Sisters and swords |#1| part 2|

Ambrogio, the town of the commonwealth was sweltering in the midday sun and Calista desperately needed water and food fast.

She had sold all the trinkets except the sword she had been carrying from the night before and used their money to buy herself some clothes that weren't torn and dirty.

Now, with her flowing white long-sleeved shirt tucked into dark brown pants and a leather down jacket made her fit into the crowded marketplace.

Her boots, she had kept because shoes even in commonwealth were expensive.

Suddenly a young boy appeared behind her and pulled at her jacket sleeve.

"Please, ma'm do you have money to spare?" The young boy asked, he was skinny and hungry and very dirty, it reminded Calista of kartini and her before cal had started "working".

Cal looked down at the boy "can't you steal? Why ask, nobody will give you anything"

The boy just stared at her, "please, I'm hungry"

Cal frowned, this boy would not get anywhere with only begging.

"Come with me" she told the boy as she started walking towards a busy stretch of road.

The boy followed her.

"Now listen", she said still walking, still facing ahead, as if she wasn't talking to the boy behind her.

"Pretend as if your hand is a key, a silver key, that can soil easily into locks, now instead of a loc we are slipping into pockets, you got that?"

"Yes" the boy replied uneasy

"Now imagine your hand is a snake, it can slide and slither and snatch things with its fangs"

"Yes" the boy said, behind her back Cal could hear him imitating a snake with his hand and she smiled to herself.

"Now take something from this man ahead"

the boy made a choking noise.

Calista turned around.

There, was a mage, and they were holding the boy by his arm.

The mage chuckled, "look who we have here"

Cal gasped as she took in the man's height and strength, he was an abstrong; a mage with the power of strength.

The boy was frantically squirming as he hung in the air by his arm which was turning blue on the half that the abstrong was holding.

Cal walked up to him

"Put the boy down!" He shouted at the mage

The mage laughed and squeezed the boy tighter.

The boy shrieked and clawed in the air, trying to her his arm out of the mages abnormally strong grip.

"Make me" the mage grinned and started walking towards her

But Calista stood her ground

"Drop. Him." She repeated.

The mage raised his eyebrows "that's not going to work he said, not amused.

"This will" cal seethed and drew out the sword, holding it out in front of her.

Someone in the crowd that had gathered gasped

"The sword!" They whispered "the lost sword"

"Get her!" The crowd yelled

Cal realized what shed just done..

"Oops" she cursed

The mage had dropped the door and was now glaring at her

"You little bitch-"

And Cal ran.

Hope you enjoyed I wish o had done this better but here it is :) Thank for reading and pls comment if you want me to continue any of my posted stories thanks! -Lyra

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