I Hated You
I Hated You sad stories

marymalone Fangirl victim of reality.
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Biggest lie I told myself?
You can hate him, Mary.
What a fool I was...

I Hated You

by marymalone

I was sure of it.

I hated you.

And I had no reasons other than the fact that you broke my heart.

But, that's our story, right?

It's always the same with you.

You shut me out, but when you realized that no one was going to love you like I do

You came back to me, once again.

And the problem here is...

I always ley you back into my life, when you don't even deserve me.

You hurt me, not once, but twice, and then once again, I failed to keep myself away from you.

But, it's true, at least you know I am the only who's capable of loving you.

With all your flaws, I still love you.

It doesn't matter how many times I try to convince myself of it, I can't hate you.

I love you, that's the true...

But, do you love me enough to stay? (I guess not).

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