Anguish and Despair
Anguish and Despair hope stories

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Is life discouraging and difficult to bare wrought with great anguish and even despair.

Anguish and Despair

Is life discouraging and difficult to bare

wrought with great anguish and even despair.

Don't give up on life, don't even you dare

Wishing your life ended it's not very fair.

There are people who love you more than you know

If only you give them their chances to show.

Don't be afraid to ask, a question or two

Or even for help when you feel it is due.

We all have bouts of feeling despair

This is not your cross only to bare.

There is a power much higher than we

a power that is always in you and in me.

This power is great and should be known

It is the power of God who sits on his throne

He is in your heart and your soul ever day

There is nothing you can do which will chase him away.

He loves you in ways no one word can describe

No matter your faults no matter your pride

So learn about him as much you can

and in due time he will reveal his plan.

Feel free to talk to him in your prayers

And ask for guidance from the man upstairs.

He will show you that what you are gong thru now

Is a journey to a life not already plowed.

There are twist and turns along life's highway

Put your trust in him, he will show you the way.

The way will be difficult and may make no sense

Just trust in the Lord he's your only defense.

So if you are wondering how I know this to be true

I have experienced these feelings like you.

I trusted the word of God up above

And he showed me a life that was filled with much love.

So do not anguish nor despair

These truths I speak of are not even rare.

You will be given a life with great meaning and purpose

A life that in no way can be considered surplus.

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