Winding Path: Day Eight
Winding Path: Day Eight winding path stories

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Four more days passed. And the boy's awake.

Winding Path: Day Eight

Four more days passed.

The runners (Mel, Charley, and Roxi) kept coming back with nothing.

At least, that's what it seemed.

In reality, they had solidified a group. They tried to share as little as possible with the others.

Tara had gone off with Milly, Liz, and Minou today, since her and Kirabella finally finished the huts.

The pond was beautiful and full of life.

"Have you ever gone in?" Tara asked.

The four looked at each other.

Milly immediately dove in, for she was a good swimmer.

She did discover a hole big enough for a teenager like one of them to fit.

Milly swam back to shore and told the other three their finding.

This was huge.

It could mean escape, or death.

Kirabella stayed with EJ.

She was the only one in the group who knew EJ was psychic.

Well, something big was happening anyway.

The boy woke up.

"W- where am I?" he asked, sounding weak, but trying to sit up.

"In a maze," EJ said, trying to be gentle.

The boy's eyes opened wide.

"No! That's not possible!" he said, trying to get up now.

"Why?" Kirabella asked, intrigued.

"I was supposed to be out of here before the next group arrived. Bravtor promised!" he said, clearly upset.

He was on his feet now.

His hands were in tight fists.

And those fists were on fire.

Both girls back away.

The boy looked down at his fists and the flames died down.

"Sorry, it gets out of control when I get mad," he apologized, "I'm Marty,"

The runners and the other four returned to camp and were surprised to see the boy awake.

And lighting the fire with his bare hands.

"Hey," he said as he backed away from the fire he created.

The nine gathered around the open fire.

"So, I'm assuming you all have an escape plan by now," Marty said, raising an eyebrow.

The three groups that have formed look at one another.

"Look, I think I know a way out, but you have to trust me," Marty said, sitting down with the girls.

They all had to decide by morning...

Hey pathfinders! This is one of the few times you can choose.

Will you follow Marty, or follow through with your group's escape plan.

If you are in a group, it doesn't matter. This choice will decide the fate of only you!

Also, wanna know what Marty looks like?

O_O Lol

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