The Invisible People
The Invisible People invisible stories

martymcfly 2015 is not how I remember it...
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This is kinda to a couple people I know irl.

The Invisible People

You see

A girl


Talking to herself

As if anyone would listen

But someone is

You just can't see

She has names for them

But I bet you don't know

Because you never listen

She mumbles

Knowing if she speaks louder,

You'll laugh.

She told you of one of the invisible people once

You laughed

So she doesn't trust you anymore

But she trusts him

Who's not even real

But she trusts him more

And that should tell you something

She talks to the air

Like a child

Sometimes with tears

Sometimes with smiles

But have you ever wondered

Why she never talks to you like that?

Because you aren't there when she needs it

When she's hurting

You laugh

The invisible people she talks to

They don't

So you wonder

Why she never talks to humans

Because the Invisible People

Get her more

Then the Real People

Ever will

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