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martyglover Tech/Consulting CxO 20+ years
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Build a Business, not a company for sale

by martyglover

Great businesses are not built to be sold

They will get bought, publicly or privately, if they succeed in being a great business

If they are "built to move" they get sold, usually cheap

Most businesses can be sold, if for nothing more than the furniture. If you are building a business to sell it, save your scrap metal, it can provide cash flow at the end.

I have a great idea, so how do I build a great business?

Hire great people and create a culture of trust. Expect success, recognize failures. Keep your feet pointed uphill. The easy way is rarely the path to success.

That sounds a little simplistic

It is, that's why you start with a great team. Experience and dedication to the vision are your greatest assets, in understanding the challenge and meeting it.

OK, how do I start hiring these great people? It's just me.

I have some money, no time and I feel a little , no a lot, out on a ledge.

Let us help you with that!

WE are a team, your team. Mentors, coaches, C- level executives, advisors, marketing, accounting and operations, all at the level you need today. Just need accounting today? We can do that.

Most high growth startups fail because they scale too fast

Some not fast enough, we help get it just right. Access to Executive leadership with operations excellence, when you need each.

Your vision, our team.

Together we build a business to last.

Your Team

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