Meme Help? And Other Stuff Too.
Meme Help? And Other Stuff Too. marty skylar stories

marty_skylar *knife in her side* Oh hey, what's up?
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Meme Help? And Other Stuff Too.

Yes, I am using a different CoMix. I thought a change of pace would be good. This is from the TLF Season 2 trailer by @em_jay_hyde, who wrote TLF, which made my existence!

Hello everyone!

As you know, I am Marty Skylar from TLF.

Granted, I was in part of episode 15 of season 1 but....


Most of them are original too!

But, I do need a little help at times.

So, I had a thought.

Why not ask you guys to help out!

I will give credit too!

All you have to do is DM me!

Then, just write as many memes as you'd like in the DM.

If a part two is needed, then a part two we shall have!

So, you may be wondering...

Other TLF accounts have 'reactions to bios' and 'journals/diaries'

Well, I might do reactions to bios soon.

As for the journal....

Yeah, wait until Season 2.

Lol, the song Ghostbusters just came on the playlist I have going.

That is crazy hilarious.

That gives me a new meme idea....

Later Marty, later.

Anyways, so give me a DM so we can make memes together!

If you want your bio reacted to, leave a comment.

Have any other requests?

Leave a comment!

So is there anything else I should do?

Oh! If you guys post anything TLF, send me the link!

I love your guys' creativity and would really like to see it!

Oh! This is me! MJ did good!

Now, is there anything else?

Mary: Marty, would you shut up!

No! This is mine and I intend to use it!

Mary: Could you at least keep it down?

I'm not even being that loud!

Mary: Yes you are being loud!

Then leave the room!

Mary: Fine!


Sorry about my sister. She can be a handful sometimes.

We don't get along and we certainly don't have a very strong twin telepathy.

How can identical twins be so different, I have no idea.

Yeah, you might see her once in a while.

Hopefully not a whole lot.

She makes fun of me by shipping me with other TLF members.

I might say them later, if you guys wanna hear them.

Lets just say my one true love isn't, here....

Yeah, I said too much.

So, as you can see from memes, I am totally accident prone.

Andy: *pops head in* Hey, hey, hey. Wait a second. You have a boyfriend? Isn't it lethal to date you?

I'm only a danger to myself Andy.

And correction, had.

Andy: Oh. Break ups are hard, so they say.

Yeah, lets go with that.

Andy: *eyes Marty weird and leaves*

Now that distractions are gone...

Wow. It's almost the end.

That went fast.

Well, I should probably let you guys go.

After a quick meme!

Art: Nobody is more dangerous then Andy. Marty: *enters TLF* Art: Nobody is more dangerous then Andy, except Marty. Art: Marty's just a danger to society.

Okay, now I'll let you guys go. Have a good day!

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