Marty Memes! Issue: I forgot!
Marty Memes! Issue: I forgot! marty memes stories

marty_skylar *knife in her side* Oh hey, what's up?
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Marty Memes! Issue: I forgot!

That's right! Your girl is back! I got some new memes that I hope you all enjoy! So enjoy! (As a note, I did rip off a few from pinterest. don't ask)

Marty: ....I am the dancing queen! Youg and sweet, only seventART HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN STANDING THERE?!?!

Marty: Hey Danny, I think I'm lactose intolerant. Danny: Why is tha- Marty: Yeah, I had some chocolate milk earlier and I threw up. Danny: MARTY THERE'S A KNIFE IN YOUR STOMACH!!

(continued) Marty, looking at stomach: Oh yeah, forgot that was there. Danny: *hyperventalating* Marty: Anyway, like I was saying, I had some milk...

Marty: FOUR MONTHS Art: What is she talking about? Mary: It's not that big a dea- Marty: YOU STOOD BY AND WATCHED ME WATER A FAKE PLANT FOR F O U R MONTHS!

Danny: Fight this ghost for the safety of the people Art: FOR THE SAFTEY OF HOOMANS! Andy: Fight this ghost because I told you to. Marty: BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TOOOOOOOOOO!

Rommie: *hands over eyes* If I can't see you, you can't see me. Charley: You know that doesn't work right? Marty: WHERE THE HECK IS ROMMIE?! Charley: *sits next to Rommie with hands over her eyes*

Art: Andy, don't play with Marty, she's dangerous. Andy: Andy: :( Andy, two seconds later: *playing pirates with Marty, in which Marty already has a rapier in her shoulder*

Marty: *wakes up in hospital* Doctor: You got shot, do you remember anything? Marty: I remember the ambulance ride... Art: That wasn't an ambulance, we drove you.

(continued) Marty: But I heard a siren. Danny: I won't apologize for my blood phobia.

Marty: If you never met me, your life wouldn't be exciting. Danny: If I never met you, I wouldn't have a heart attack almost every week. Marty: I make your heart skip a beat. Aww. Danny: THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT AND YOU KNOW IT!!

Marty: When I die, will you come to my funeral? Ramona: You mean IF you die. Marty: I'M NOT FREAKING IMMORTAL! Avie: Evidence says otherwise...

Art: What are you doing Marty? Marty: *sitting on couch with bag o chips* Eating a family sized bag of chips. Art: That isn't family sized. Marty: Every bag of chips is family sized when you're an orphan.

(continued) Art: Don't you have a twin? Mary: *from other room* I disowned her! Marty: Never been happier in my life. Art: Bruh.

Marty: *hanging out 3rd story window* WEEEEEEE! Everybody but Danny: Eh. Danny: GET DOWN FROM THERE CRAZY!!!

Hope you enjoyed this batch! But I'm starting to run out of ideas! HELP!


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