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martinramirez Community member
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Noises in the deepest part that was once my heart.

Rambling Heart

Tonight was a night in which I could no longer hold back or swallow my heart and all the emotions that came with it. One more so than others, love.

That being said with thoughts of past words of a sweet romance spoken running through my mind the space that I had put between us was something I could no longer bear.

I called her knowing full well, that those words spoken had simply flown by just like a bird that migrates. She's moved on from the nest that was my heart, my love.

Within time to inhabit the nest of another's heart. She told me it wasn't right for us to speak much, actually at all. It weighed so heavy on me to hear those words to be spoken. I felt crushed.

She spoke of a love she had for me, something temporary; as opposed to love eternal that was like a flame lit in her heart that would never dim.

She had told me repeatedly no matter what, she'd love and be with me forever. That there wasn't anything she wouldn't do just to be with me.

However, forever only seems to be as a chapter in her book of life to look back upon as a memory. As quick as the conversation had started it ended.

There isn't anything I fear in life except one thing. That one thing is not having a love such as the one we did. I know people come in and out of our lives.

Although, once gone you can't get back. I ask myself how can I live without such a love. I feel it in my very being that there will never be another like her or feelings such as I had for her.

There is no doubt in when I say that because how can or will I ever love another more passionately or deeply as I did her, there is just no way. How would or could you do without something so vital to live, that which you call your heart.

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