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A man says 'I love you' to the person taking his pizza order over the phone. It's quite awkward.

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“Do you want something else?” Said the voice at the other end of the line in a plain tone.

“No, that’s it,” I sighed as I pulled off my tie a little bit. The man on the phone proceded to check my order.

I sandwiched the phone between my ear and shoulder, starting to roll the sleeves of the shirt up my elbows.

“Very well, then, sir. Your order will be deliveried to you in twenty minutes.”

“Yeah, thanks. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

I smiled to myself for a brief second until realisation hit me. I tried to speak, but my voice wouldn’t come out of my throat.

Heat rose to my hair line. I clutched the phone in my fist, frozen in place for some moments, unable to move or articulate any sound.

The other end of the line was dead silent as well. When words came back to me, they were shattered.

“I-I-I… I… I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Sir, I hope you are not expecting a lower price on your pizza because we confessed to each other just now.”

“H-huh? Uh… No, no. I’m… I’m so sorry, I…”

“Don’t worry, have a good night, sir.”

Before I could reply, the call went off.

I stood right there, keeping my blush firmly in place with my hand, maybe gripping it too hard against my cheekbones. I noticed my heart beatting at light speed.

The sound of the doorbell startled me.

The winter air as well as the frowning that greeted me at the door were ice-cold.

“Mrs. Clarence.” I said, not even bothering on shading my disgust for the woman from my voice. She gave me her stern look.

“Good night, Mr. Mason.”

“Oh, it was,” I retorted.

She smirked. “I just wanted to remind you,” and those two words were full of the whole bitterness her croocked throath was capable of.

“That you are invited to the Christmas party that the community is throwing.”

“I’d be pleased to go, as long as you’re not there, mistress. But I’m afraid I must work.”

“Then have fun, workaholic.”

“You wish,” I almost laughed and slamed the door closed.

I hated that woman and her gross iguana-like eyes. All of her reminded an iguana. Her and her non-existing nose.

I saw her coming out the garden and walking to the contiguous house, to visit her next victim.

All neighbors younger than thirty years despised the old reptile in regard of her disgusting personality towards every tangible being that came into her sight field.

Moreover, the old chaps of the community respected her for she was the city founder’s only living descendant.

Not doing so was an insult to his memory, they proclamed as they raised one finger to the sky, pointing the veracity of their statment.

So, I had to live with the bones bag at three houses of distance. Poor of the soul that lived on the number 6, her most direct and only neighbour.

Christmas Party, though? I don’t particularily care much about Christmas. Not that I have anyone to celebrate it with, and the company is surely gonna throw their own party.

That bunch of nerds love Christmas.

How many drunken programmers will I have to take home this year?

I sighed as heavily as my lungs allowed and sat on the couch. I was falling asleep when the delivery guy showed up.

Much to my content, the girl seemed absolutely oblivious to what I had said on the phone. However, she stopped me from closing the door and gave me something she picked out of her pocket.

“He asked me to give you this, by the way. Good night sir,” she said and left me in the porch with a burning box of pizza in one hand and a crumbled paper napkin in the other.

When I decided to look at it, blood drained from my face.


This is sort of cheesy but you are one supreme slice.

Yours truly,

The guy you confessed

your undying love to

(AKA Nick)

P.S – You sound adorable when you are flustered

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