Wilted {Chapter 1}
Wilted {Chapter 1} romance stories

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Lightning streaked across the sky and in the distance thunder boomed. Dark, looming clouds opened up and let loose all the rain they had been accumulating. Large raindrops resounded off the roof of the town car that pulled up outside the institute known as 'Wilted.

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Wilted {Chapter 1}

Lightning streaked across the sky and in the distance thunder boomed. Dark, looming clouds opened up and let loose all the rain they had been accumulating.

Large raindrops resounded off the roof of the town car that pulled up outside the institute known as 'Wilted.

' It was a fitting name for a place people went to recover what they had once lost: perhaps it was their former selves or something similar.

Like they were once a blooming flower that had lost the will to bloom and began to wilt.

However for a certain young girl, it was a seemingly impossible feat.

How could she recover something that hadn't gone missing in the first place? It was merely something that she wasn't born with. And that was emotions.

She had never felt happiness, sadness or even cared for another person. There was nothing but an endless darkness that was her own self. She was a bottomless pit of nothingness.

Outside the institute a man wearing a drivers uniform got out of the car and opened one of the passenger doors, bowing slightly as a noble-looking man stepped out off it. Dane Kase.

He was a tall man, with dark hair that was neatly styled, and he equally had dark eyebrows that contrasted with his jade-green eyes. He was attractive to say the least.

Not that he minded for appearances, despite what he appeared to be on the outside.

There was only one thing he cared about and he was going to get it back from the very place that stood before him.

Moments later he found himself in the reception area, which wasn't very welcoming.

The exterior was all grays and uncomfortable, beaten furniture were scattered about the room, not settling in a single place.

The air was stifling, as none of the windows that aligned the walls were open.

It wasn't a nice atmosphere in the slightest, and the nobleman wanted to get what (who) he came for, so he could get out of there. But the thought of her was the only thing pushing him forward.

He came to a stop before a burly-looking man, who appeared to be in his late forties and showed a vulgar expression.

He held out one of his hands and shook the hand of the man in front of him. "I trust there was nothing wrong with the paperwork?"

"No. Everything was as it should be."Replied the burly man in a gravely voice, "shall we proceed?" He gestured towards a broad, wooden door.

Dane just nodded his head and followed him through the entrance, which opened up to a long hallway.

More doors lined the corridor on either side of the two men. Screams and shouts could be heard behind them - behind others there was nothing but an eerie silence.

Eventually, they came to a stop in front of one, that was set apart from all the others.

A window was inset in it and on the other side of it a bed could be seen and sat atop the covers was a lone girl.

Her back was to the door and she seemed to be staring at the wall before her. Still and silent.

Dane's eyes creased slightly as a wave of nostalgia and longing overcame him.

As if sensing something behind her the young girl slowly rose to her feet and spun round, her head tilting to the side.

She was eerily beautiful. With long, ebony hair that flowed past her shoulders and fell to her waist.

Mournful eyes stood out from her pale skin and they were unfocused, as if her thoughts were somewhere far away.

Slowly, swiftly, she shuffled towards where they were all standing and she came to a halt in front of the door, so nothing but her eyes could be seen through the narrow window.

Even then her eyes still continued to be unclear.

Dane just gazed at her as if he was transfixed and for a while he was lost for words.

For a long time he had been searching for her. For a long time he had wanted to see her again. For a long time he had wanted her to be back in his life.

And now here she was in front of him, emotionless as always but still so beautiful and feelings he had thought that he had forgotten welled up inside him, threatening to overflow.

"Sir, are you ready to take her home?" The way the man stated it was as though she was a pet that Dane had come to adopt.

Knowing this man, he probably only saw the patients as something less than that of a human.

There was nothing but bad rumors about the place and that was even more reason for Dane to get the girl out of there.

"Yes." He simply replied and tried to keep a handle on his emotions.

The owner of 'Wilted' unlocked the door and took the expressionless girl by the arm and tossed her at Dane, who took of his coat and draped it round her shoulders.

"Let's head home Lea." He held her hand in one of his own and usher her out to the waiting car.

Later as they sat in the backseat, Dane tried starting a conversation with her, but she did nothing but stare out the window with clouded eyes.

He gave up trying to talk to her and took to just keeping a watchful gaze over her.

It didn't matter how long it would take to break the ice that was her heart. He was just elated to have her with him after all those years apart.

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