Harry Potter Preferences: How You Meet.
Harry Potter Preferences: How You Meet. preferences stories
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Y/n= your name L/n= last name
Includes: Harry, Ron, Draco, Neville, Fred, George

Harry Potter Preferences: How You Meet.

Y/n= your name

L/n= last name

F/h= favorite hobby

Y/h= your house


You met Harry when you were rushing to class. “I’m going to be late, I’m going to be late!” You muttered as you ran down the halls trying to make it to transfiguration on time.

Suddenly, you crashed into someone. “Sorry, I’m sorry,” you said trying to untangle yourself quickly. The person groaned, “it’s okay should’ve looked where I was going.

” He got up and you looked at him and were met with the most beautiful green eyes. He gave you a hand and helped you up. “Harry Potter.” You shook his hand, “y/n l/n.

” He smiled at you, “weren’t you going to be late?” You blinked before rushing down the hall again. “It was nice meeting you!” You called over your shoulder which made Harry chuckle. “You too.”


You met when you were shopping in Diagon Alley. Since you were a muggle born you were amazed by the world of magic and all of the amazing spells and books.

Problem was, you don’t know where to find everything.

“Excuse me, miss,” you said tapping a woman with flaming red hair on the shoulder, “do you know where I can find where to buy a cauldron?” She smiled down at you, “of course, my dear.

” She turned and yelled, “Ronald!” A boy with the exact same shade of hair came running. “This is my son, Ron, Ron please show,” she paused, “what was our name again?” “Y/n,” you replied.

“Yes, take y/n shopping with you to buy school supplies, Ron.” Ron nodded and led you to the nearest shop. As you shopped you talked and got to know each other.

You learned that he had five older brothers that he was in the shadow of and a younger sister who was a year younger,

he learned that you were a muggle born and that you had (number of siblings or only child) and that you loved to f/h.

When the time came to part ways you hugged him and his ears turned bright red, although you didn’t notice (which he was grateful for.) “I’ll see you on the train then.

” He blushed and nodded, “Bye.” You waved and ran off to find your family. “Ooooh, looks like little Ronny’s got a sweetheart.” Fred put his arm around his shoulder.

Ron tried to shove him off but George came and pinched his cheeks, “look he’s in wuuuuuv.” “Shut up,” Ron muttered and shoved them off before walking to their mother, his ears as red as his hair.


you were on the train to Hogwarts in your second year when someone knocked on your compartment door. You walked up to it to see a round-faced boy. “Hello,” He said.

“You haven’t happened to see a frog, have you?” You shook your head. “Oh no, Gran’s going to kill me!” The boy put his face in his hands. “I can help you look, though,” you offered.

The boy looked up, “really?” You smiled, “really, I’m Y/n by the way.” You extended it for him to shake and he took it. “Neville.”


You met when on the run from a victim of your pranks. You were sprinting through the hallways looking for a place to hide after blowing up Flint’s cauldron in his face.

You finally found an empty classroom to hide in you looked around for a hiding place and decided on the desk. You hid under it and held your breath as someone ran by and opened the door.

You looked through the small crack and saw the unmistakable red hair and mischievous grin of Fred Weasley.

Most people couldn’t but you were one of the few who could tell the difference between the two. He looked around like you had as footsteps approached and he dove under the desk.

He nearly screamed when he saw you but you clamped your hands over his mouth as the door opened and Marcus Flint and Filch stepped inside.

“I could’ve sworn Fred Weasley came in here,” Filch growled. Marcus walked around looking when all of a sudden there was a crash in another room.

“Gotcha!” Filch yelled and ran out of the room, Flint behind him. You breathed out a sigh of relief before realizing your hands were still over Fred’s mouth and how close your faces were.

You blushed, “sorry.” You had seen the Weasley twins and admired their pranks but were always too shy to approach them. “It’s no problem,” he smirked. “What’d you do?” This made you grin.

“Blew up Flint’s cauldron.” He laughed, “nice one, I dyed Mrs. Norris pink.” You burst out laughing and he smiled, happy he made you laugh.

You bought got up from the desk and started walking out of the classroom,

talking about different pranks when a door down the hall burst open and Flint and Filch came out before seeing you and yelling, “you!

” “Well looks like this is where we part ways, see you around,” Fred kissed your cheek before sprinting down the hall Filch chasing him. You ran the other way away from Marcus.

You outran him quite easily and escaped down a corridor hidden by a tapestry. You clutched your burning cheeks and slid down the wall.

You couldn’t keep the smile off your face the rest of the day.


you met when you sabotaged each other’s pranks.

You were walking into the great hall to see the result of the prank you had set for Pug face Parkinson who was coming into the great hall behind you when all of a sudden you heard your prank

go off. You turned to see not Pansy but George Weasley get drenched in green slime.

“Hey! That was-“ you were interrupted by the fact that you had stepped on something like a pressure plate and then you got drenched in slime. “My prank.

” You finished your eyes closed against the slime. “Well, that was my prank that you ruined!” He yelled and the Great hall seemed awfully quiet.

You wiped your eyes and glared ya him, “I never would’ve stepped on it I’d you hadn’t triggered mine first!” You lobbed some slime at him.

He wiped it out of his eyes, “so that’s how it’s gonna be, L/n?” You glared at him playfully, “bring it on.

” And that’s how you and George Weasley ended up running through the halls throwing slime at each other while Filch ran behind you yelling curses and how he would hang you by your ankles,

he didn’t care what Dumbledore said.


You and Draco have been friends since you were kids. You always went over to his house as children. “Draco,” you scolded, “you have to be nice to people.

” When you went to Hogwarts you always got upset with him for the bullying. One day you bumped into him in the corridor. “Watch it, filthy little mudblood!” He shoved you to the ground.

“Seriously Draco?” You said from the ground, watching as realization dawned on his face. “Y/n I’m sorry!” He went to help you up but you held up a hand and got up on your own.

Shouldering you walked past him. But before you turned the corner you called over your shoulder, “you should really stop calling people racial slurs

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