Harry Potter preferences- your date
Harry Potter preferences- your date preferences stories

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Y/h- Your House
f/c- favorite cake

Harry Potter preferences- your date

Y/h- Your House


He met up with you as soon as you finished handing Filch your passes. “So where do you wanna go first?” Harry took your hand. You didn’t really care so you both decided to just wander around.

You got some butter beer at the three broomsticks, visited honey dukes and bought some sugar quills and then went to the shrieking shack.

“Hey, y/n?” He turned to look at you but you weren’t there. “Y/n?” Suddenly something cold hit the back of his head.

It seemed down his shirt as he turned around to see you standing with a pile of snowballs at your feet. You grinned and threw one at his face which he quickly dodged.

He grinned back and picked up a snowball, “it’s on.”


you started to walk down to the lake at 1:45 for your date. You got there at exactly 2:00 to see Ron standing in front of a picnic blanket looking nervous.

Seeing you his face brightened, “Y/n!” You smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Oh! Um,” he gestured to the blanket, “ how ‘bout a picnic?” You took a seat and were surprised to find it quite comfortable.

“Hermione helped me find a cushioning charm,” he said noticing your look of surprise. You nodded and said, “well, tell her my tailbone said thank you.” He grinned and sat down next to you.

“So, I made sandwiches,” he pulled a few out of the basket, “I’ve also got pumpkin juice.” He pulled out two goblets and a jug of the drink. You thanked him and took them.

You both sat and talked well into the afternoon.


You walked into the courtyard to find no Neville. ‘Did he set me up?’ You thought to yourself, disappointed. The only thing there was a piece of paper laying on the ground.

Curious, you went to look at it and were surprised to see that it was addressed to you. You picked it up and started to read.


follow the clues to find me, here’s your first one:

I creak and clank, I’m made of metal

you can find me where there is a plant that’s full of petals.


You folded the note and tucked it into your pocket, Neville’s called many things but not creative is not one of them.

Made of metal, creaks and clanks, you snapped your fingers, a suit of armor! There was one that was under a painting of a cherry blossom tree! You raced into the castle to find it.

After a series of clues throughout the castle, you came across your last one,

you're almost there! Here’s your last clue:

You've done great,

i must admit,

for your last clue,

go to the place that all started this.

Place that all started this? You tapped your chin, “hmmmmm.” Then a light bulb turned on in your brain, “the courtyard!” You dashed through the halls and flew through the doors to the courtyard.

Standing there was Neville with a plate of cookies under his arm. You ran to him and flung your arms around his neck.

“That was amazing!” You pulled back, glowing, “how’d you plan all this in one day?” He flushed, “I had some help, cookies?

” You took one and plopped down in the grass, “a scavenger hunt AND cookies? You truly are amazing Neville Longbottom.”


you met Fred at the three broomsticks at 3 for butter beers. “Glad you showed,” he said when you sat down next to him.

“And miss my chance of a date with the one and only Fred Weasley?” You asked, “never.” He grinned, “glad to know I have a fan.” He wiggled his eyebrows and you laughed.

“Certainly, can I have your autograph?” He pretended to think about it.

“I don’t know,” he examined his fingernails and said in an imitation of Lockhart, “I’m a very busy guy, interviews, picture signings, fan club meetings to attend,

but I suppose I could make an exception, just this once.” You handed him a pen. “What in the name of Merlin’s pants is this?”


you marched to the quidditch field to meet Fred for your date. There he was in the middle of the field holding two broomsticks.

“Hey y/n! Up for some quidditch?” (If you don’t play quidditch sorry, just for this chapter!) He held out a broom to you and you took it. “Sure. How’d you get the field?” You asked.

“The last quidditch practice was over 5 minutes ago.” He replied. You nodded before climbing on your broomstick and kicking off the ground while George did the same.

He threw you a quaffle and you zoomed towards the goals with George playing defense. Since you were on the y/h quidditch team you were quite good.

After all, practicing every day since you were 8 definitely helped. George tried to steal the quaffle from you but you dodged him and scored. You stuck your tongue out at him.

“Now really y/n? That’s very immature,” he lectured like he was your mum before sticking his tongue out at you and retrieving the quaffle.

Needless to say, you played for a long time well after it got dark and you beat George, 10-2


You climbed the stairs to the astronomy tower for your date with Draco. Opening the door, you walked around the edge until you found him.

He was sitting on a blanket next to a telescope holding a basket. You plopped down next to him and he smiled, “I’m glad you came.”  “And miss free food and the opportunity to hang with my favorite Malfoy?” you punched his arm, “no way!” His smile brightened.

“Speaking of which,” you snatched the basket out of his hands and peered inside, “What ya got?” Inside were two green apples, two bottles of pumpkin juice and a cupcake.

“Yum,” you said you said, pulling the cupcake out.

You split it in half and gave half to Draco and bit into your half. It was f/c with icing dyed navy on top and silver sprinkles in the shape of a constellation.

“Wow,” you gasped. “This is amazing.”

Draco grinned happily and pointed at the sky, “this will be even more amazing.”

You looked where he was pointing just in time to see a meteorite fly by, followed by more. You snuggled into Draco and he turned bright red.

You two sat and watched the stars

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