Harry Potter Preferences- He Asks You Out
Harry Potter Preferences- He Asks You Out hp fanfic stories

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Includes Harry, Ron, Fred, George, and Draco.

Harry Potter Preferences- He Asks You Out

F/c= favorite class

Lf/c= least favorite class


You were talking to Joel Campbell at the Hufflepuff table as Harry sat at the Gryffindor table his fists clenched. You were smiling and laughing and Harry was upset.

“C’mon, Mate,” Ron said, his mouth full of food. “You should’ve asked her out when you had a chance.” Harry frowned, “maybe it’s not too late.” He stood up and marched over to the table.

“Listen, Y/n,” Joel started to lean in and you looked uncomfortable.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you-“ Harry popped in, “Y/n, can I talk to you?” You nodded quickly, eager for an excuse to get away from Joel. You like him but not that way.

“Thanks, Harry, that would’ve been an awkward situation.” You laughed. Harry scratched the back of his neck, “um, Y/n?” “Yes?” “Would you, um, want to...gotohogsmeadewithme?” “Ummm.

” Harry’s face flushed bright red, “if you don’t want to that’s fine, I understand.

” He started to walk away and you finally shook out of your shock that Harry Freaking Potter(I love that song) the guy you’ve been crushing on, asked you out.

“Wait, Harry!” You yelled, running after him. You caught up to him at the top of the stairs. “I would love to go to Hogsmeade with you.” He looked at you, “really?” You nodded.

His face broke out into a huge grin, “awesome! Saturday, I’ll meet you in front of the school.” You smiled and nodded before walking down the stairs.

Harry turned a corner and leaned against the wall. You turned a corner at the top of stairs and leaned against the wall. “Yes!” You whispered at the same time.


You were helping Ron with his f/c homework when you caught him staring at you. “What is there something on my face?” You asked self consciously.

Ron blinked, “What? No! Your face is normal, I mean, it’s beautiful just there’s nothing on it, you’re beautiful, I mean, ugh.” He dropped his head on the table and you giggled.

He looked up at the sound of your giggling and smiled at you. Soon enough you were both laughing and getting weird looks from other people in the library.

“Um, y/n?” Ron asked after you stopped laughing. “Yes?” You brushed a strand of hair behind your ear and watched his ears turn red.

“I was wondering, if, if you,” He clasped his eyes like he was bracing himself for rejection, “if you’d like to go on a date?” “Sure.” One eye cracked open, “really?” You nodded.

“Great,” he jumped up. “I’ll meet you on Tuesday, at 2 o’clock, in front of the Black Lake!” And with that, he dashed off. You smiled and shook your head.


“Hey, Nev!” You waved at Neville from your spot near the fireplace where you were doing homework.

Of course, Neville, being the adorable, klutzy dork he is, waved a little too eagerly, (somehow) tripped over his own feet and knocked your homework into the fire.

You watched in shock as two hours of work turned to ash before your eyes.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, y/n! I can’t believe I did that!

” Neville looked panicked and dove for the poker to try to salvage your work but you just shrugged, “it was stupid to sit next to the fireplace, I’ll just stay up a little late.

” Neville couldn’t believe how calm you were but on the inside, you were going Aggretsuko (it’s on Netflix, you should check it out) and screaming death metal. “Well, let me make it up to you.

“Well, let me make it up to you.” You raised an eyebrow. “I’ll help you with your herbology homework! And, um, if you’d like to, go on a date?” He mumbled the last part.

"I'd love to.”


you were sitting close to each other in Lf/class, funny he never noticed you had this one together, and you look looked bored out of your mind.

He was bored too and he never got caught, so he formulated a plan. You were just staring at the blackboard vacantly when an origami crane flew onto your desk.

It unfolded and written inside were the words:

Dear Ms. Blower upper of Snape’s cauldrons,

will you go on a date with me? If yes, three broomsticks, tomorrow, at 3 o’clock. I look forward to your reply;)


you smiled at the note before carefully folding it and tucking it inside your pocket. You pulled out another piece of paper and wrote

Dear Mr. Dyer of Mrs. Norris pink,

I would be absolutely delighted to go on a date with you, I look forward to seeing you there;)


You turned it into a butterfly that fluttered over to his desk. He read it and looked at you with a Cheshire grin. Tomorrow will certainly be fun.


McGonagall had caught both of you on a prank and put you in detention. George was sitting next to you sorting through files when he tapped your shoulder. You ignored him.

“Y/n,” he tapped your shoulder, “y/n,” he tapped you again, “yyyyyyyyyyyyyy/nnnnnnnnnnnn” he whined. “What?!” You hissed. “Will you go on a date with me?” “Will it get you to shut up?” “Yes.

” “Fine.” He gave you a grin, “Monday, 5 o’clock, quidditch field.” “Deal.”


you were sitting with Draco by the lake. You were reading and his head was on your lap. “Ooh!” You suddenly exclaimed and he jumped. “What?” He asks.

You turned another page in your book and looked up, “apparently there’s supposed to be a meteorite shower tonight really close to the castle!

” Your eyes were ablaze with excitement and Draco thought it was the most beautiful thing. “You think I’m beautiful?” You blushed.

Draco’s jaw dropped open and he blushed too, “did I say that aloud?” You nodded.

“Um, y/n, I was wondering-“ “Yes?” You leaned forward and his blush intensified, “if you-“ “Yes?” I-if youwouldwanttogowatchthemeteoriteshowerwithme?

” You tilted your head to the left, “Are you asking me on a date?” He nodded and you smiled, “I’d love to, where?

” He thought about it, “how about the astronomy tower at midnight, I’ll meet you there.” You nodded and he grinned, got up and rushed off.

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