You Want To Know About Cold?
You Want 
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marius Off-grid poet
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Just me rambling on about cold...

You Want To Know About Cold?

So, you want to know about cold, eh?

That feeling so deep inside that there is no feeling at all?

That empitness in someone's eye when you tell them you love them?

The casualness with which they pretend to have never met you in their lifetime? mean like the weather?

Well, let me tell you about cold...

Back in my day (last week),

It was cold!

It was a clear night sky and the moon and the stars were bright,

The wind howled from the north at sixty five kilometers per hour,

Humidity was reaching seventy five percent,

The digital thermometer read negative forty seven point six degrees Celsius,

The mercury thermometer read the same,

Then there's the windchill,

Well, let me tell you about cold...

The windchill!

The real feel,

It was negative fifty seven degrees Celsius,

Ice would build in your lungs with every breath,

That's cold!

Kids these days,

They don't know cold.

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