Three Thirty Three
Three Thirty Three very short story stories

marius Off-grid poet
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Those quiet, private moments are those I cherish most. Some are real, some are fiction. They are romantic all the same.

Three Thirty Three

It was you standing there,

In the door way,

Your hair tumbling down to your hips,

Standing there in my favourite t-shirt,

I'd been wearing it since I was sixteen,

Light from the street pouring through the kitchen window,

Gleaming off your legs.

I'd just gotten home from work,

It was three thirty three in the morning,

I was exhausted but happy,

You would be waiting there for me when I got home,

I repeated this over and over as I went through my day,

All I needed to do was think of this moment,

My last day at work came and went.

There you were to welcome me home,

With your beautiful smile,

Your open arms,

Your sweet embrace,

I knew right then what I needed to do,

Suddenly, I had no time to waste,

So I did what a man should do.

I held your hand firm,

While I looked you straight in the eye,

And slowly I knelt,

I never let go and I never broke gaze,

I saw you change before my very eyes,

You sensed this the moment I squeezed your hand just so,

I didn't see a woman, I saw my wife.

"Thank god," you said "Because I'm pregnant!"

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