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marioluna Community member
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Still here as it would appear Nothing but a lie full of fear

Are you alive?

Still here as it would appear

Nothing but a lie full of fear

I would live a beautiful lie

Then an ugly truth until i die

Truth is that somethings are better kept

Buried deep down in dept

Alone in this dark cruel world i live in

Full of holy saints and sin

Where evil does actually win

And depression kills you from within

Listen closely open eye by eye

This is the sad truth scream or cry

There's people that walk in flesh

But are dead inside i dont mean mesh

Dead as a no soul living corpse

Living walking following one course

I close my eyes and imagine what was once me

I cant help but forget what i see

I make up things that aren't there

Talk to myself out of no where

I ask myself am i crazy

Or just demented and lazy

To creat new life a new world my place

Where i can see me for me unlimited time and space

We have this virtue

Still i think i never meant to hurt you

But you did mean to hurt me

Which was once said to infinity

Took advantage of my humility

Im dead inside but alive at times

I wonder whats in the other end

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