The Younglings (a Star Wars Parody)
The Younglings (a Star Wars Parody) sith stories
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A very very CRAZY parody. Be warned. Featuring Anakin turning to the dark side. Original written by Lawrence Ziese

The Younglings (a Star Wars Parody)

“Master Skywalker there’s too many of them, what are we going to do”, cried Orson, gazing to his hero.

Anakin said nothing, his light saber speaking for him

“So... you’ve joined the dark side, and now will slaughter us, but children, to impress Palpatine” shouted Orson, his eyes flashing a bright red color

“No... I’ve come to protect you.. YGH”

Before Anakin could say more, six younglings fly across the room, their stiff robes cracking as their adolescent bodies tackle him to the floor.

“AASRRRGGGG” shouts the adorable young Numa, her green Twi’Lek cracking with fire and hatred as she kicks his crotch with the ferocity of a enraged Rancor

“DIE DIE DIE! I will eat your pancreas” shouts Wispa, as her force powers send a barrage of chairs, light fixtures, and a tie fighter flying at Anakin’s head

Anakin dives out of the way, weighted down by pile of angry feral children tearing at his legs and biting his ankles

He smells the stench of skin burning, and sees too late a storm of force lighting just miss his rolling body, disentrigating Seck and Pida, their hands full of tufts if his hair

“Younglings... stop! I came to help.., yaaaa not the face! NOT THE FACE!”

His mouth fills up as blood as the twins Grapril and Prikin land stereo uppercuts to his jaw,

and he doubles over in pain as his crotch is smashed with a flying headbutt by Orson’s abnormally large cranium

“Get off of me! In my view the Jedi are.. HEY! Stop pulling my hair! Ow!”

A roar fills the hallway as Numa drives her knee into his face. A gobbet of flesh in her mouth as she climbs up the window and lands a flying elbow drop on his midsection.

As he starts to feel his consciousness ebb, he hears the sounds of bloodlust. Children now coveted in blood, full beserkers, in an orgy of violence and anger

Hours later he awakens to find the severed head of a small Rodian boy under his head. Around him lies blood and gore that turned his stomach.

As he vomited the liver of a Gungan child, he slowly climbs to his feet.

Palpatine’s holographic image appears before him.

“Vader! Are the younglings slain?”

“Yes sir... “

“Amazing. I honestly wasn’t sure if they’d best you. They’re rabid. Yoda was high in Dunfe blossom when he abducted them from the local orphanage”

Anakin felt himself losing consciousness again, a white throbbing pain in his head. “Rest.. I must rest...”

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