Behind the Scenes with President Trump And A Porn Star [Parody]
Behind the Scenes with President Trump And A Porn Star [Parody] fanfiction stories

marino hehe
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[This is a parody....not real] Not intended to offend. Just to draw some laughs.

Behind the Scenes with President Trump And A Porn Star [Parody]

Trump: trust me bro. just grab them by the pussy it works every time. watch

Porn Star: *what the hell are you doing.....*

5 seconds later....

Trump: You just got the bigly experience. I was fantastic. You're welcome.

Porn Star: Uh yea...

Trump: Many ladies love me. You're a very lucky lady.

Porn Star: I'm gonna go.....

Trump texting on his phone: Bro, works every time. I told ya. Just grab em by the pussy. What could go wrong?

8 years later

Trump: Do you think I should run for president?

Adviser: What are your qualifications?

Trump: Hmm...I'm really ridiculously good looking.

Adviser: Uh...what else?

Trump: My gorgeous hair.

Adviser: We're gonna need more

Trump: I fucked a porn star bigly and she said i was her best ever.

Adviser: We probably don't want that getting out tbh

Trump: Do you wanna know the secret to gettin bitches?

Adviser: No?

Trump: Just grab em' by the pussy

Adviser: I'm not sure that's appropriate sir.

Trump: I'm doing it for the memes.

2 years later

Clinton is leading the polls by a landslide. It's over.

*LEAK* Trump says he grabs women by the pussy

Trump: Fuck.

Adviser: Fuck.

Trump: Okay. I want you to start a pussy grabbing fund.

Adviser: What??

Trump: Put $1B in it and just pay every woman I've ever fucked to shut up.

Adviser: Sir, you don't have $1B....

Trump: You're fired.

New Adviser: Ok, I put $10M in your pussy grabbing fund. Just sign these documents and you're good.

Trump: Whatever. Just sign it for me. I'm too busy fucking bitches. Erm. Campaigning.

New Adviser: We still need to deal with this whole leaked video fiasco though.

Trump texts Tom Brady.

Trump: My good friend Tom says we should just say it's locker room talk. He's won a lot of Super Bowls and looks almost as good as me.

New Adviser: Sounds legit.

Trump takes advice and wins election.

Months later

Porn Star: Y'know that hush money you gave me? Well you never actually signed that contract.

Trump: What are you talking about? I gave you the best time of your life. You can't sue me.

Porn Star sues him.

Reporter: Mr. President, what is your take on the situation?

Trump: It never happened.

Reporter: What about the money that was sent?

Trump: You're ugly.

Reporter: Excuse me?

Trump: It was the best time of her life.

Reporter: But you just denied it

Trump: You're fired.

Lavar Ball: This Trump shit is worse than "Keeping up with the Kardashians"

Lavar Ball: I'm going to run for President against Trump.

Lavar: BTW, I just announced my POTUS500. My new $5,000 presidential shoe.

So, that's my script so far. What do ya think Ms. Writing Agent?

Agent: It's not believable. It's too ridiculous. Who would believe that Trump would forget to sign a contract?

Agent: Or that he would say "Grab em by the pussy?"

Agent: Or that the porn star would sue him for forgetting to sign a contract? C'mon man.

Agent: Try something more believable like a zombie apocalypse.

Agent: Also you're going to get backlash for using a porn star in your story.

Ok.....that's good feedback.

So uhh.....Lavar turns into a zombie and eats Trump and weed is legalized and stuff.

And uh....female power!

For real though. I'm a feminist. I promise

The End

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