Summer day
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marinabeznos Community member
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Drops of summer morning Scattered on your skin.

Summer day

Drops of summer morning

Scattered on your skin.

Ocean, calmly snoring,

Floats through aqua dream.

Rays of early sunlight

Threaded through the air,

Just as golden highlights

In your silky hair...

Kiwi margarita,

That you sip in bliss,

Made a little sweeter

By the salty breeze.

Under strokes of soothing,

Gentle turquoise waves,

Grains of sand are fusing

Into sun-kissed glaze.

Head is quickly washing

Off the needless thoughts,

As you keep on watching

Sails of pearly boats.

Luckily, you treasure

In a special way

Very simple pleasures

Of this summer day...

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