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Little NishaXJack snippet


“I want to choke someone,” Nisha said in a sultry whisper, cuddling up to Handsome Jack in bed. She bit into his neck, right on a throbbing vein, before continuing, ”Or get choked. I try not to be picky about it”

“Tut tut tut Nish, Do you know the difference between choking and strangulation? Choking is when you don't chew your food, strangulation is¬”

He explained, too into the sound of his own voice to paying attention to Nisha positioning herself on top of him, wrapping her lovely hands around his neck. She pushed in his windpipe with her thumbs, holding his arms down with her knees.

She waited until his eyes became foggy and his lips were almost turning blue before letting up every so slightly.

“So, what is it babe? Am I choking you or strangling you? I told you, I am not picky.” She teased him, as he struggled against her assault.

He was so cute when he was angry. And rough too, which was always fun.

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