Let’s not exit brexitb
Let’s not exit brexitb stories
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Lets not exit Brexit Twenty third June twenty sixteen

Let’s not exit brexitb

Lets not exit Brexit

Twenty third June twenty sixteen

The biggest vote we’d ever seen

Results are in and Brexit win

and many say it’s such a sin

Those who voted not to leave

This news they just could not believe

Sore losers showed their bitter anguish

soon from Europe we would vanish

Let’s vote again remainers say

'No vote again' says Theresa May

Our country voted in or out

and voted out without a doubt

The apple cart tipped on its head

Britain in Europe would soon be dead

Now Brexit was born the following morn.

This beautiful kingdom from Europe be torn

Remainers are mad while leavers are glad

Great Britain is out there is no doubt

So shut up remainers, accept what is done

We voted together and Brexit won

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