like the wind


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marijaustonedYoung and confused
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I can be a breeze or a hurricane.

like the wind

I’m like the wind

I can be kind and gentle, making the fall colored leaves rustle

as I faintly blow through your hair and make you groan because now it’s a mess

just like the colorful leaves on the ground

I can be cold and harsh with water drops lashing at your face

making you freeze and wish for a place to feel warm again

because my touch is piercing

like the rain that I blow against your skin

I can be warm and embracing, so that you ask for me to never leave

but sometimes even the warmth becomes unbearable

so you wish me away, eagerly awaiting the milder days

when I’m blowing with more force

but I can also be a hurricane

with a force so relentless

that it will blow you off your balance

and bring about damage

that I can never repair

I can be all that and yet you will never want to live without me

because I can be so much

yet I can still be so faint

sometimes you will forget that I’m there

but only for a moment,

before my breath again reaches your ear.

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