APOLOGUE by Mari Castañon Insta: @maricastanon


                    by Mari Castañon 

                     Insta: @maricastanon poetry stories
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maricastanon Carioca poet bleeding letters
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Poem I made during coronacrisis in Rio de Janeiro.
Original written directly in english.
From 05.24.2020

APOLOGUE by Mari Castañon Insta: @maricastanon

I am several Stuck in the body of one. I am plague disguised In the metaphysics of oblivion.

Shall all of me be free? Not if aware; Consciousness is prison itself.

I am the system's foe and dare you, Apollo, To fall into my grace As I wear a resiliency mask Made of my own fate.

What holds one together Starts away to fade, Faith in humans is now matter of display.

Upon greater pestilence of human soul Those who feel Shall wither, More than the bodies Vanishing into mass graves. Mari Castañon

Mari Castañon 05.24.2020

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