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Finish challenge. people tell me a lot of crap that's not true. I'm different and I like it that way. this is basically about how I'm not gonna put up with peoples crap.

What they tell me

Maria Okumura

"You're not good enough." They tell me.

"You're ugly."

"You're fat."

"You're too old."

"You're too young."

"You're not good enough."

They always tell me cruel, nasty, heartbreaking things.

I've had enough.

Just because I'm not good enough for you doesn't mean I'm not good enough for me, or for everyone else.

Who care's if I'm ugly? I'm not and it doesn't matter.

Sure I'm fat, but I'm still doing more than you.

Wisdom comes with age.

Health comes with youth.

I'm good enough.

I'm not going to stop what I'm doing to fit your norms.

Why should you care if I want to watch horror movies while all the other girls stick with romance?

Who gives a crap if I dress like a slut?! I don't care what you think.

Just cause I'm a virgin doesn't mean I can't get any, trust me I've had offers.

I don't care about sports, politics, the Kardashians or anyone's rules.

If I want to talk about God then you can bet I'm gonna.

If I want to scream away my sorrows I'll do it, even if I have to scream into your ear.

If I tell a secret it's only to someone I trust, so you better keep it.

If I gossip it's only because I'm pissed.

I don't spread rumors.

I don't drink in public.

I don't sit on my ass all day.

I work.

I get straight A's.

I follow the rules, unless they're stupid.

I take care of myself.

I won't stop for you.

I always finish.

so shut up and leave me alone.

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