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Waiting for someone to return, but what if they don't?


By Maria Okumura

I sit comfortably on a long and open couch made for more people than just me.

Staring out the window into the dark and shivering world, hidden in a layer of cottony snow.

I sigh, and avert my eyes momentarily, rubbing at them, before returning to the window.

The wait seems endless, as though I've been here a thousand times before and will be here a thousand times again.



Finally light blinds me as your tires roll you up the driveway.

I smile, expectantly.

The car stops, the engine is silenced and the car door slams.

I rush to the door, abandoning the window, and swing it open with a passionate fury.

But its not you.

Two men stand before me, both wearing uniforms and somber expressions.


I don't need to hear them say it.

I don't want to hear them say it.

My chest burns and my lungs stop receiving air.

I can feel the stinging at my eyes as I try to gulp in a breath, and some composure.

But I can't.

The growned is hugging my knees before I even notice it.

I can hear muffled voices talking to me, but I don't understand.

The only two things I can understand right now are these;

He's gone and never coming back.

And I'll always be waiting for him.

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