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before a storm swept through my town there used to be this big white tree by the street.

The White Tree

By Maria Okumura

About two years ago there was this huge storm that swept through the small town where I live.

It took so much with it.

Not just bits of cars and pieces of houses,

not just the power lines and pavement,

but it took the trees.

Not all the trees, mind you, only the ones by the streets and back in the woods a ways.

But it took that one.

Out on this little backwater street I drive on almost everyday there was this huge white tree.

I don't know what kind it was, but it was beautiful.

It had white bark with splotches of black here or there.

It always seemed so full at the top, even in the fall.

It was gorgeous.

After the storm it was still gorgeous.

But it had moved.

It wasn't standing by the road anymore, it was in the road now.

It took out about eight feet of side walk and grass around it.

Its roots were huge.

It lay in the streets for a little under a week before it let them take it away.

I still remember it whenever I pass the spot.

A mighty and beautiful thing that had been there for longer than I could remember.

And just like that, in one night, it fell.

Soon after it disappeared and if you came to my small little town you'd never know it was there.

You'd look at the tree across the street and think; "Wow! It's huge."

But I'd just smirk.

Because it has nothing on the guy who used to live down the road.

That big white tree.

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