The Microwave Mistake
The Microwave Mistake  fun stories
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mariaokumura I don't believe that happy endings exist
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What started out as nuking a spoon in the microwave may have lead to an amazing weekend plan.

The Microwave Mistake

By Maria Okumura

So, you know how you’re not supposed to stick metal in the microwave or it goes nuts? Well, I didn’t know that until today.

This morning I was heating up some leftover soup for my little brother, James.

“I don’t want soup,” he pouted. “I want cereal.”

“We’re out. Soup or nothing.”

He puffs his cheeks but says nothing else.

I spooned several heaps of the red vegetable spotted liquid into the bowl then I stick it in the microwave, not even thinking about the spoon.

After a second weird noises started to emerge from the glowing box, it looked like a lightning storm inside the microwave.

“Somethings wrong with the microwave.” James stated the obvious.

“No duh.” A small spirt off steams rolling out of the box as I rush across the kitchen and push the open door button.

Grey smoke puffs into the kitchen.

James coughs but watches me through his brown hair, smirking.

“Not a word James.”

I rush to the front door and pull it open as fast as I can, hoping the smoke will vacate the small room quickly.

I cough and step out of the door, James is right behind me.

The wind tickles my nose, but it’s not too cold. Leaves are dancing in the breeze and the freshly cut grass is an amazing smell, especially when compared to the other option.

“Mom’s going to kill you.” James plops down and chuckles. “And she thought I was going to cause trouble.”

“It’s not like I lit the house on fire.” I sit next to him on our front lawn. “It’ll be fine.”

“Mhm, sure.” He lays back and closes his eyes.

I sigh and watch the cars go by in front of our house. A small street separates us from the houses across.

“Where’s the fire?”

“Huh?” I turn around to see our neighbor, Wesley Rose, checking out our front door.

“Smoke.” He points, blonde hair falls across his face and he swipes it away in that stupid boy band way.

“Got sick of the parents.” I gesture for him to sit, he does. Wesley had lived next door to us for years, at one point we were an item but we mutually broke up.

Middle school isn’t exactly the best place for a lifelong partner, he’s basically another brother anyway.

“Ah, hope you made sure to pour some lighter fluid over them, or they won’t burn fast enough.”

“Oh? Great idea, mind going in and finishing the job?” He shakes his head.

“So, psycho girl, what’s your weekend look like?”

“Hiding the bodies.” He doesn’t even smile.

“No, seriously…”

“Wesley Rose, are you asking me out?” He snorts. I try not to take it personally.

“Why? You wanting me to?”

“Hell no.” My cheeks burn a little.

“Well I’m not.” He pushes himself up then he shuffles his feet and looks down at me with this strange look in his eyes. “I’ve got shit to do, later.”



“I’m not doing anything.” He stares at me and a little smile sneaks across his face.

“You are now.” He turns around and walks off towards his house.


“See you tomorrow.”


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