The Figure in the Darkness
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Two strange figures meet up in the woods, they're not friends, though, at the moment they're not enemies either.

The Figure in the Darkness

By Maria Okumura

The wind whistled through the trees, scaring them into a flurry of shivers and shakes.

Alone stood a tall and unmoving figure, dressed in all black.

The figure stared through the woods, ignoring the howls of wolfs and the scatter steps of animals in the night.

"Dark isn't it?" Called a scaly tone, crunching leafs under large feet as it approached.

"What do you want?" The figure called in a deceivingly nasty tone.

"Is that any way to talk to your best friend?" the scaly voice chuckled, stepping out of his shadowy hiding spot.

His arms were each as big as a log and he had a prickly chin that sat upon a just as large neck. His lips perked up into a peculiar smile, watching the figure before him.

"You're no friend of mine." The figure called, turning to face him. A dark hood shielded the identity of the figure.

"Really? I thought I was your only friend." Another slithering chuckle. "Oh well.

Point is kid, did you bring what I asked for?" He observed the figure, though it was tall to most, to him it was merely a sapling to his great oak.

"..." The figure watched the woods around them, following the distant noises and searching the smallest sounds for any trace of an intruder.

"Well?" The hulking snake man asked.

The figure plunged one hand into a back pocket on it's charcoal coat. After a moment it produced a small graying marble like object.

"Excellent!" The man took the marble. "A tasty looking soul indeed. What is this? The Twenty-eighth?"

"Twenty-ninth." The figure corrected, a sickness swirling in its stomach.

"Right." The man started to walk off.

"One more and our deal is complete." The figure stepped forward, following the man. "Then I swear I'll kill you."

"Good luck with that one kid," He chuckled. "Many have tried. One more of these sweet little souls and you'll get your dear brother back, yes.

but mark my words, what you have done for me these last few months will haunt you more than I ever could. Goodnight my dear." He walked off into the dark, leaving a whisper behind.

"Black certainly does suit you my little reaper."

The figure turned away from where the man had disappeared, dropping the coats hood.

Curled brown locks fell across a smooth but worn out face, tracing all the way down to powder lips.

The figure began tracing her steps back to the nearby town.

"One more." she told herself, gut flipping and acids threatening to climb. "Then this will all be over."

She dissipated into the darkness, unaware of how like the hulking snake like creature she had become.

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