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My not so happy morning summed up.


By Maria Okumura

I should have gone out last night.

Outside my window the world was drunk with darkness and through the bleak quiet my friends called to me.

I should've gone out and seen what all the commotion was about, why my friends were chattering in the night.

but fear abides inside my chest whenever darkness drowns the night.

So I stayed inside.

I should have gone out last night.

In the morning time was running away while I tried to catch its tail end and not be late.

It was such a beautiful morning, the sun covered us in a luminous light and the cold had finally left our home.

but I should've gone out last night.

My last task before the bell was rung for the day was to visit my friends.

I forgot the night before, their murmurings in the night left in the shrouded haze of being only half awake.

but then I knew I should've gone out last night.

Percival Jackson was my friend of nearly fifteen years, a plump little man that now had grey intertwined in his blue feathers.

I found him this morning, blue stained by red and missing the inner workings of his body.

I should've gone out last night...

I miss my little rooster.

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