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mariaokumura I don't believe that happy endings exist
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a rhyming poem about loving someone even when they hit "me" (Fiction)

My Wonderful

By Maria Okumura

The way your fingers slid up my arm, so carefully and concise

when you turned on your charm and I was left in paradise.

it was pure bliss, it was wonderful

I was caught in your kiss and left to an instinct so natural.

I'd fall asleep cradled in your embrace

and I will always keep in your good grace.

I won't let you go, not for a second.

all my love I will show when I am beckoned.

And you will see just how we are,

we are meant to be, I'll forget that scar.

We're perfect, we're in love

even when I'm wreaked, even after an accidental shove.

I love you, my wonderful man

even when I'm black and blue, even when the fights began

Even if you drink all day,

what else can I say

but I love you even in this grey

and I do prey

one day you'll stop this "play"

and come home for real, to stay.

My Wonderful

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