I. Once. You.


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mariaokumura I don't believe that happy endings exist
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Privacy Challenge; What it feels like when someone tells stories about you.

I. Once. You.

By Maria Okumura

They claw and fester and boil,

I scratch my arms endlessly,

but the red lines do nothing to cure my pains.

I've cried a thousand tears,

drown away all my joyous days

and given into the delirious chains.

You came to me like a hurricane,

the perfect storm,

an apocalypse.

You destroyed my every wish

and whim

and hope

and dream.

I no longer enjoy a simple trip to the store,

soon the hyena's stare

and the lions pounce.

I tried to buy a drink

but was called names i dare not repeat

until I had to run back to my little hole.

I am now truly alone

and no one cares anymore.

Once I could go to the store and be left alone,

buy a drink and not be called names,

have an actual life.

Once I let you into my life,

We were happy,

it was the calm before the storm.

Once things didn't work out,

you told stories,

shared things I confided in you.

Now I'm the bait,

the victim,

the one left behind.

I no longer have the right to Privacy.

Thanks for stealing it, Asshole.

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