How she changed

               How she changed sister stories

mariaokumura I don't believe that happy endings exist
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This is a story about my sisters relationships and how she's changed.

How she changed

You were always so strong and beautiful, even when you wouldn't do anything new unless I did it first.

You always smiled and laughed and made me smile and laugh with you.

You and I were the best of what happened?

I remember when you told me you met him, R. The guy from camp who got all your jokes or TV references.

The friend who was slightly sketchy, which made him cool and attracted you to him like a bug to light.

I remember when you stopped talking about him. When he had done something, gone too far and you called it off.

I remember a few years later when you met a new him, N. A dork who somehow won you, even though everyone else knew he was bad news.

You asked me what I thought of him.

I told you he was bad news.

You got quiet and we changed the subject.

A few months of wasted time later he left you for, what you considered, an uglier model.

Straight from one N to the next you rebounded, saying you had always loved the n who had loved you for so long before N.

But that feeling faded fast and n wouldn't put up with your crap.

Two years.

Two drama free years.

And then D came along.

D, a charming man from another country. Sweet and generous and catering to your every want. Even those wants that he shouldn't have catered to, since you weren't technically dating or anything.

He strung you along like beads on a necklace and dragged you through the dirt.

It took you too long to finally realize what an Ass he was being.

Finally you did.

Now you met J, the newest rebound. A quick one week relation ship and he already said the L you left him.

You don't Love him back.

You said so...

So why the hell are you leading J on, teasing him like D teased you. having him waste his time like you did for N and laughing at all his stupid jokes like R....

They've changed you.

They've changed us.

You used to listen to me, value my opinion.

I know I'm not in charge of your life but as a now outsider I can tell you that you're acting like shit to this guy.

So if there's any shred of the girl I grew up with in you, any shred of my sister, then leave J alone.

Let him find a girl thats good for him, cause at this point it's not you.

You don't love him, you told me that.


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