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Oliver watch's Felicity going about her regular routine at their apartment before joining her.

Home Life

By Maria Okumura

Oliver watched the blonde woman in front of him. she had a high stung ponytail and glasses.

He smiled, noticing how she paced about the apartment.

she moved from one room to the next strategically,

picking up strewn about clothing or toys or other lost objects.

she threw them into a laundry basket as she went, firmly carrying it between her arm and hip.

Oliver wasn't used to seeing her in casual clothing, even though he'd known her for years.

Jeans and a stripped sweater were different than her usually well thought out dressy attire.

Finally she stopped hustling through the different rooms.

she dropped the basket onto the floor and sat at the white wood kitchen table.

She massaged her temples with both hands and rested her eyes a moment.

Oliver walked into the kitchen with a smile, Felicity looked up.

"Oliver." she straightened in the chair, smiling at him. "I thought you had work today?"

"I took the day off," he slipped behind her and started massaging her sore shoulders.

"That feels good." she moaned a little at the nice circles he was rubbing into her back.

"I didn't realize how much work you did around here."

she turned to face him with a sarcastic grin.

"Did you think I just sat in here on my computer all day?" he shook his head.

Felicity positioned herself so he could start stroking her back again.

"You know," she began, "I thought a kid was supposed to calm down when they got older. go figure your kids jumping off the walls twenty-four-seven."

"Our kid." He corrected.

"I didn't knock myself up." She retorted.

Oliver shook his head with a chuckle.

"Where is the little deviant."

"He failed this house hold, so I sent him to his room."

Oliver sat down next to his blonde goddess.

"Felicity, I love you." he kissed her cheek.

"I know." she smiled and kissed him back, a real kiss. "I love you too."

footsteps scampered down the hall and interrupted them.

"Ugh!" Felicity sighed, "I have to go catch a little escaped criminal. let's continue this in a minute."

"Sure." Oliver laughed and leaned back, watching Felicity chase their little blonde haired boy throughout the apartment. after one final chuckle he joined in the chase.

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