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mariaokumura I don't believe that happy endings exist
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Game challenge. About being stuck in a bad relationship.

His Game

By Maria Okumura

We used to be close

always together

never alone

He and I

we were two peas in a pod


things changed

suddenly I wasn't intresting

suddenly she was

I was only convenient when she wasn't available

I told him I had enough

I wouldn't put up with him anymore

but he threatened to ruin me

so I stayed

I remember him leaving at all hours to meet up with the next her

leaving me alone

this lasted a long time

too long

eventually I stopped caring about anything

except survival

Once upon a time I told someone about him

once upon a time that someone told someone else

once upon a time he was taken away

and I was free

for now

I hate how he could control me so easily

I hate the fear he instilled in me

I hate him

but I don't

what I hate the most

is how to him we were all just a game

I'm his game

and that's the worst part

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