Don't change
Don't change perfect stories

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I honestly don't know what happened here...kinda a poem about not letting people change you...kinda just me writing when I'm pissed at everyone's expectations.

Don't change

By Maria Okumura

Have you ever felt like your heart disappeared?

Like, it tells you you're stupid,

or fat,

or ugly.

Have you ever thought about how many nights you cry?

or lie awake and wish you could change something,

wish you could kill your mistakes,

wish you could die...

How many times have you taken a blade to your wrists?

Once for the past,

Twice for the thoughts,

and everything else for the pain...

How do you still smile?

how do you skip,

or touch,

or breathe...

Haven't you also lied awake every night,

avoiding sleep,

and relief,

and anything good

Haven't you ever told yourself they're right?

that you're stupid,

you're fat,

you're ugly,

you're a fake,

you're a poison,

you're the reason they cut,

the reason they died,

the reason everythings wrong,

you're imperfect,

you're a mistake

you're the mistake

you're you're you're

reason reason reason

blah blah blah

shit shit shit

I don't care anymore.

I don't care what they think,

or what they say,

I won't care.

Even if I'm not perfect,

even if I'm not gorgeous,

even if I'm the worst person alive

I'm still alive

I'm still me

You're still alive

You're still you

Blah blah blah

don't let them tell you what you are

shit shit shit

they're the ones with the problem, don't let them change you.

I am me and you are you.


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