My Floating Bones.
My Floating Bones. fiction stories

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This is a story I wrote a few years back about a girl telling her story from the great beyond.

Please do read and tell me what you think.

My Floating Bones.

On a normal day you wouldn't see me near there, but I had to be there on that summer's day. I loved him too much to let him down, but if I knew what I know now I would never have trusted him.

James was a handsome, dark and mysterious guy. I first noticed him on the first day of school, the new guy. He had everyone turning heads, especially the ladies.

Nobody knew anything about him only that he was new to town and a senior like I was. After school I noticed him at the house where Stacy lived- Stacy was my friend and neighbor.

She died a month ago from lymphoma, which she battled for 2 years before the illness won.

She was funny, lively and never let her illness get the better of her, she lived her life till the day she died.

I walked over to the house to say hi, as he saw me, he walked towards the white fence to meet me at the gate.

"Hi, I'm Leigh"


"Are you related to Stacy?" I asked knowing her parents still owned the house.

"Yeah, she was cousin. I moved here right after her funeral, I wanted to feel close to her spirit"

"Spirit huh? Didn't see you at the funeral" I said as he looked at me with the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen.

"I couldn't attend the funeral, let's rather not talk about that".

"Oh, ok. I'm surprised, Stacy never mentioned you".

"I'm sure I just never made it into your conversations" he said grinning as he said goodbye and said something about working in the basement.

I said my goodbyes and headed back home.

In the few months I've gotten to know James I've come to love him. We graduated together. Spent summer break getting to know each other.

Fallen for each other and become the most important people in each others lives. He was kind, loving and selfless. He wasn't the dark mystery guy anymore.

He was my boyfriend and I was madly in love. Only thing I didn't love, was the way he felt about the basement.

I never understood why he never wanted me to see it, whenever I asked he would change the subject or tell me some interesting story that would make me forget everything else.

That was about to change.

On Thursday mornings, I always took a jog and that day I noticed Stacy's parents leaving.

They had bags in the car which meant they wouldn't be back for a while, and I instantly got the idea to surprise him.

Later that evening I went over to his house.

I called out and nobody answered, and since I was familiar with the place I checked all the rooms but no reply,so I went to the basement (I really shouldn't have),

the door wasn't locked so I opened it and got the surprise of my life. I was going to scream but the hit I received on the back of my head knocked me out forever.

I see him smiling and still being the handsome stud he is. Checking up on my parents and asking how they are, they still think I ran off with some guy.

Why would they suspect him? I see he's started dating Shannon now, if she only knew what he was, I've hoped she would see beyond the charm to really see him for who he is.

Where am I you ask, I'm floating somewhere in space, I haven't found peace, because my killer is still free looking for his next victim.

Have a look at the basement!

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