I'm serious.
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You didn't think I was serious and that's the problem.

I'm serious.

by mariamstories

It was today...

February 14th,

that I decided to confess.

I decided to tell you how much you meant to me.

How much your smile lights up my day.

How I love your loud, obnoxiously beautiful laugh.

The one that makes me laugh along.

Today I wanted to tell you everything and a lot more.

I wanted to tell you how...

How I love how your eyes change color in the sunlight.

How they tend to sparkle and light up when your excited.

I wanted to tell you how I admired your personality.

How I admired how much you cared for your friends and family

Today...I wanted to confess to you my love.

And with all seriousness and affection I did.


You thought it was a joke.

A heck of a laugh.

Well I'm sorry you find my emotions so funny.

Maybe next time I'll lose the red nose and the outfit.

Maybe then you'll get it or maybe you never will.

You thought I wasn't serious.

But belive me my love is -

Was no joke.

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