I'm Addicted
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I'm addicted and today I confess.

I'm Addicted

by mariamstories

I'm addicted...

Addicted to your smile.

The straight line of pearly white teeth,

and the smirk that marks your face when you're amused.

Addicted to your laugh.

Contagious and consuming; I could listen to it for hours.

The way you talk, walk, and even brush your hands through your hair.

Shiny black locks intertwining with your tan fingers.

Addicted to your presence,

and the way you can light up my day just by...

just by being you.

I'm addicted and I came to confess.

I know this sounds abrupt, strange, too much,


But right now I'm here.

And I only have one question to ask...

Will you renew my prescription...

or is withdrawal my only open path?

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