Fifteen seconds
Fifteen seconds hidden stories

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It only took 15 seconds for you to reveal the hidden and unhidden.

Fifteen seconds

by mariamstories

"First impressions," you ask.

It's what you assume about a person through your first interaction with them.

In 15 seconds, you already think you know everything about


Hidden and unhidden.

Who they are as a person and how they act.

But is it that true?

No, not always and never will it be.

Almost none of things you assume are true.

If only you would've talked 15 seconds longer...

Or maybe actually started talking...

That almost dead relationship based on 15 seconds could've

been your 15 years of never ending love.

But you didn't.

When I finally gained the courage to talk to you and say


You turned around, ruffled your hair, smirked...

and 15 seconds later you looked away.

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