Pyschotic love
Pyschotic love stories

mariammrmrsomeone who hopes to be a poet.....
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I love you....... Honey

Pyschotic love

How can you leave my world in utter ignorance .

You broke the firewall that linked to our resonance.

Can you Comprehend the depth of my sadness?

Do you understand why I'm sinking into madness?

I digress

I won't carry the weight No Not alone.

Even if the whole world turns against me.

I will...

Oh, good grief!

I will crucify your fate

Slowly you will be trapped in my hands

Slowly you will finally come to understand

Why my world has dissolved into sand

Slowly Slowly Slowly

Can you feel it?

Deep within your trembly bones.

The ugly sensation of what it feels like to be alone.

Thank you for being my partner tonight.

I will enwrap you with kisses that will come to your delight.

Good night.

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