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This is my version of What it's like to have difficulty sleeping and hating your body


I've become so into my image and the way I look that I choose isolation as my consolation.

I don't want to be seen in the public eye.

I feel ashamed of my body and I don't wish for others to see.

I don't want others to see me like this.

I feel better when I'm alone.

But I am scared to be by myself.

I can't be left alone with my thoughts because they make me want to rip my insides out.

They scream into my ears how much I hate myself.

I wish to tear my body apart.

I can't sleep.

I refuse to be with my darkness.

It's a long process to shut down and quiet away from the monsters.

I feel numb

Its time to "sleep".

Insomnia doesn't go away. I am in a cycle that repeats itself and no matter how hard I try to shut down the monsters, no matter the outcome they are always there to remind me

how little I am worth

and they always


remind me

I am not important and I am not worth anything if I have this body.

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