He didn't care
He didn't care heartbroken stories

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A problem that we all girls share when we reach out to an ex to tell hi you still care about him....
It didn't turn out how we expect....... mine didn't even care to talk to me....

He didn't care

I can't pretend I don't care about you when I do

I won't tell you how I feel but I don't want to get hurt, by your silence.

What if I speak and you get me silenced?

What if all this time you've been doing, thinking and feeling nothing to do with..me

I'm afraid my words will be used against me, that my silence won't pull you towards me but further away from me

I don't want to regret not trying

Hi it's Joey girlfriend (elsie) look it's great that you care about him but please do me and him a favor just forget about him and we don't want trouble especially with you so he

not gonna text you back no matter what so he will give you silenced and wdym by "after all this you've been doing, thinking and feeling nothing to do with..

me" and look he with me your words don't matter to him. So it not pulling you away either pulling you closer because it doesn't matter. You tried and you made it worse for yourself.

I'm sorry move on have a good day.

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