The Little Girl's war
The Little Girl's war stories

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They say that life is beautiful, they say that every year of your life is an amazing experience.

I don't think I can say the same.

I don't think I can relate to having a normal childhood.

I don't think I can relate to being free.

I don't think you can relate to the fear of going outside without thinking your life may end soon.

Do I think life is beautiful?

I don't know...

The Little Girl's war

A girl, a very innocent girl was born in the beginning of a new era of dictatorships. This girl didn't know that, her only job was to grow and become that amazing person she wanted to be.

She wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a firefighter, many things, but the importance of all of that was that she had hope for her future, she had hope that everything would be fine one day.

Then the tears came down.

The dreams, the hopes, the many things she wanted to do were taken away from her slowly. Every day was like a new level of her own hell.

Every day she went to school praying that she wouldn't get killed by some stranger looking for money, every day she prayed to find food somewhere,

every day she prayed for someone to end this endless nightmare she was living every single day.

Years went by, nothing changed.

She escaped from the nightmare, but the thought of leaving her home was the worst of all.

Watching how every person who couldn't get out died in the hands of the devil itself felt like torture.

How people were killing each other in order to survive, how children were stealing instead of playing games, how teenager were killed by the police because they wanted a change,

and how the devil was enjoying everything with full ignorance and no regrets.

She wanted to do something, but her hands were tied behind her back.

She wanted to scream for someone to save her country, but no one believed her.

She is safe now, living in a paradise.

But nothing compares to the fact that the war is not done, and no matter where she goes, the past will haunt her until hell leaves her home.

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